You crave more – just like any ambitious soul hungry for wealth, fame, or power. Epicurus labeled these "corrosive" desires, but they form the backbone of our world.

Capitalism feeds on insatiable hunger. Startups dream of monopolistic glory, and existing monopolies. They're obsessed with milking profits. Mission statements, manifestos, and so-called "value systems" are often a facade, masking the pursuit of riches and dominance. Our instincts are simple: avoid pain, seek pleasure. It's not just about survival – it's about thriving.

That's why we unite, build communities, and launch businesses with missions, manifestos, and value systems. All for efficiency. All to defy death.


In need of healing? Consult a doctor. Desire pleasure? Find a supplier. These basic truths govern our society.

But when your business is floundering or you're uncertain of its direction, so-called "specialists" won't provide the answers. They'll simply try to persuade you that the solution lies in their domain.

The world is built on lies, and the ironic part is – it works.

But when you don't want to be fucked, you need the truth.


As a versatile expert, I guide businesses and entrepreneurs in reimagining and optimizing their ventures, blending radical rationality with creative chaos. I've embraced leadership and delved into hands-on work.

I help startup or business owners with a good flair for aesthetics and a no-bullshit approach wrap their businesses in the best way to touch the hearts of customers.

Strategy. Product. Marketing. Design.

And more.
  • Conde Nast bought an advertising on our platform because we had more active fashion audience than local Vogue.
  • Pavel Durov — founder of VK and Telegram — was one of the man who liked our posts on a regular basis
  • 3 of our public pages was the most fast growing on VK platform, reaching hundreds of thousands subscribers a week.