Creative manager and entrepreneur. I create beautiful products and energize organizations.
Currently CMO at Sleeper1. I breathe new life into probably the most successful Ukrainian clothing brand.
1. 28 countries, 34 online retailers. Galeries Lafayette, Net-a-Porter, Moda Operandi and many more give a rough idea of the scale of the company
Brand value growth through strategic and organizational changes. New markets, collaborations, performance optimization.
Corporate portal with a knowledge base and instructions for the newcomers.
Complete rebranding, including all types of marketing strategies for departments. In progress.
Development of systems for e-commerce, newsletters and social networks. Less people, more results.
Creating an OKR system at the company level. Real horizontality is coming. In progress.
Replatforming: Switching to Reaction Commerce from Wordpress is challenging, but future-proof. In progress.
Founder of Design Business, a platform for design agencies1.
1. Wolff Olins, Porto Rocha, Pentagram, and hundreds of smaller teams are open to clients through DB.
Founder and managing partner of Commercial Magic — an agency, where I implement years of experience1 in brand design and product development .
1. Our designers and developers have worked with Conde Nast, Mondelez, Microsoft, and now help small brands in culture, fashion, and technology create an exceptional image.
Founder of Bad Projects, a cult media1 conglomerate with 3.5 million subscribers2
1. The heart of the projects was the Badimages photo blog, which I ran from 2012 to 2017.
2. Pavel Durov was our loyal subscriber, while Conde Nast ordered ads from us for Vogue, because our public pages had a much more engaged audience in the fashion segment.
1,6m subscribers
55k subscribers
370k subscribers
90k subscribers
110k subscribers
240k subscribers
370k subscribers
370k subscribers
I'm writing occasionally in my the Telegram channel. Some articles from Medium below:
Dissociation of digital identity RU
About a fair interface for fair content RU
Over the past 12 years, I've been involved in many projects in one way or another related to aesthetics.

After graduating from the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University and obtaining a master's degree in nuclear physics, I changed direction, taking up graphic design. The next five years were a journey from junior graphic designer to the owner of an award-winning studio.

At the dawn of social media, I created Bad Projects, uniting 8 public pages with a vast audience. The project shaped the cultural background of over 3 million young people and preceded the cultural media boom. Many young artists, designers and editors came into contact with Bad Projects in one way or another.

I went back to design and started Design Business as a project to simplify communication between design agencies and their clients. The project did not live up to expectations and is currently frozen.

At a time when COVID-19 invaded the planet, I joined Sleeper — the most successful Ukrainian brand of women's clothing as the Design and Development Director, and a year later accepted an offer for a Chief Marketing Officer role.

At the moment I'm combining the CMO position at Sleeper with the development of my app, scheduled to launch in 2023.

Follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Infrequent texts and recommendations on my Telegram channel.
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